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Michael's Presentation:

Incarnating Annwn As A Force Of Healing & Sacred Communion With The Unseen

According to the teachings of the Yew Mysteries, the realm of the Sidhe or Shining Ones that we might refer to as Annwn, constitutes the etheric interiority or occulted ‘within’ of the current Earth. But the teachings of the Yew also reveal that this was not always so and that during the Great Foretime  Annwn also extended peripherally as a vast and creatively abundant twilight world bounded by a great ‘placental’ sheath composed of what some scientists today might try to define as plasma.

Cultivating an understanding of and more importantly, an embodied experience of Annwn as a realm that was once ‘outside’ but that now constitutes an ‘inside’ is an essential key to the deepening of our human relationship with the Shining Ones. Drawing on over 30 -  years of direct experience with these beings in his native Scotland, Wales and also in the USA, Michael will focus on how we might begin to incarnate the forces of Annwn as organs of perception, communion and healing with the Sidhe. To support this work Michael will focus on a specific teaching from the Yew Mysteries that concerns the significance of iron and the startling function of that metal as forming a bond between the Shining Ones, human incarnation and the blood. It is not for nothing that the Yew tree was once known as the Iron wood!

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