There is a Story to be Told...


Paintings by Mitchell Pluto

"Three lifetimes of the yew
for the world from its beginning to its end."

~ The Book of Lismore ~

The Tree Sprit Telesummit

Michael speaks on topics including the Elohim nature of the ancient yew tree as Overseer of the Light, the Otherworld of Annwn as the Living Wholeness of Origin, how to 'touch' the sentience of the yew tree and more!  NOTE: his interview starts at 9:30 in the recording.

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Filmed at Plant Consciousness 2016, London

The Yew has survived virtually unchanged for over 250 million years as the oldest, and yet simultaneously the most youthful and even ‘embryonic’ tree species in Europe. Known as ‘the tree archetype of Europe’, the yew has the ability to change its sex, seemingly at will. The oldest known word for the yew, eya (circa 1750 BCE) means ‘eternity’ or ‘to be touched by eternity.’ It is likely that the ‘eternity’ referred to here is related to ancient practices involving the psychoactive properties of the yew. Michael has directly experienced these properties through working in specific ways with yew bark which produces a consciousness altering alkaloid toxin; what Michael in his yewshamanic work refers to as the ‘alkaloid cloud’ of the yew.